Festival Bulleberry - Exhibition "Loïc Jouannigot: La famille Passiflore"

Youth exhibition "Loïc Jouannigot: La Famille Passiflore"
Youth exhibition "Loïc Jouannigot: La Famille Passiflore"

As part of the Bulleberry festival, "Loïc Jouannigot: La Famille Passiflore", youth exhibition with a very talented Breton author, whose work is reminiscent of that of Michel Plessix (Le Vent dans les saules), who died prematurely.
About the Bulleberry festival
After the official baptism of the association in autumn 1996, the idea quickly became apparent to propose to organize a first festival: it is not less than 4000 visitors who rushed to meet the twelve authors present Calvin room (today forbidden to the public) and, already, exhibitions in the historic sites of Bourges. Building on this success, the team of volunteers has since set out to propose each year, on a chosen theme, a quality festival to an ever more numerous audience.
Dates in 2020: 3 and 4 October on the theme: "BD2020, l'enfance de l'art".
The 2020 edition will give way to youth.
30 to 35 authors will be gathered in dedication Salle du Duc Jean, Hôtel du Département.
But also: exhibitions, school competitions, youth actions, activities...

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